Joe Holley Cadaver Research in CPRSam talked to our own Doctor Joe Holley who was spending his time at EMS World Expo 2015 with a unique educational offering. Paragon Medical Education Group, his business with Jim Logan and the sponsor of the Disaster Podcast, is breaking new ground with CPR and Cadaver Research.

The gang at Paragon are known for bringing cadaver research labs to EMS World Expo and EMS Today and with it the opportunity for EMSers to practice techniques on human tissue. Joe discussed how they also provide some of the most up-to-date new patient care products that the participants can experiment with.

This year, Paragon set up an invitation-only demonstration lab to allow participants to work with some new CPR related equipment. Also, Paragon is working with other agencies to do research on some new CPR techniques on cadavers which hasn’t been previously done.


Again, a special thank-you to Paragon Medical Education Group for their continued support of this podcast as our partners in this endeavor to bring disaster medicine to you. Check out their page and educational resources that can help your system be more prepared for what happens in your area.

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