Dr. Joe Holley Leads Cadaver Lab

In this episode of the Disaster Podcast, hosts Jamie Davis, the Podmedic and Sam Bradley get together to listen to some reactions to the disaster cadaver lab conducted at EMS Today by the folks at Paragon Medical Education Group. Sam took a voice recorder and went down to the lab to collect some on the spot interviews with some of the students as they were participating in the stations set up for the cadavers.

The comments were all positive and included Sam’s favorite from one participant who called the lab set up “morbidly awesome.” Sam also talked to several people from around the U.S. and even a paramedic from Canada who was down visiting the conference for the first time.

It is events and educational experiences like this that make conferences like EMS Today such a positive experience for the attendees. If you have never visited one of these conferences in your health care specialty, whether it’s EMS or another field, you need to make a point to go and participate at least once in your career. You won’t regret it!

Again, a special thank-you to Paragon Medical Education Group for their continued support of this podcast as our partners in this endeavor to bring disaster medicine to you. Check out their page and educational resources that can help your system be more prepared for what happens in your area.

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2 Responses to Reactions and Comments on the Disaster Cadaver Lab at EMS Today

  1. Sue Ellen says:

    This was a fantastic Cadaver Lab at EMS Today 2014 – thank you to our sponsor Bound Tree Medical for helping make this Cadaver Lab possible. If you missed the lab at EMS Today 2014 we will host it again at EMS Today 2015 in Baltimore, MD.

  2. Sam Bradley says:

    Sue Ellen, so glad to hear it will be back. I’ll be there! All of you should be too.


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